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Coaching will empower you. Working with the right Business Coach can help you and your business immensely and the support you will receive will save you time, energy and money. Chances are that you are wondering whether you need coaching or consulting. In this section, you will find information and see for yourself if you need a Life or Business coach while in the Business Consulting section you will see whether a consultant is a better fit for your needs.

We can offer you live in-person and/or online meetings with your coach.

Your certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Business Coach will work with you to develop your interpersonal skills in order to bring out the best version of yourself, while at the same time they will address issues such as limiting beliefs and fear.

Your Life Coach will work with you and focus on your self-improvement and personal development goals. Your coach will guide you and mentor you in revealing all your strengths and capabilities until you are able to reach happiness and success.

Your Life Coach can also act as your Career Coach. Your Career Coach will help your child select the ideal profession and studies based on the child's interests, talents, flairs, and skills. However, anyone pursuing a new career or switching career paths will benefit by hiring a Career Coach as they will identify how they will proceed towards success.

With both your Business Coach and Life Coach, you will be able to work on things like accountability, action planning and implementation, distractions and focus, limiting beliefs and fear, self-sabotage, motivation, time management, goals, and vision. You can also work on smoking cessation and weight loss, among other goals!

Coaches, in general, ask more than they tell as they are naturally curious and the more they understand who you are, the more they can help you.

To confirm whether you need coaching or consulting, also check our Business Consulting Services and feel free to check out our Managing Director's bio on Thrive Global where she often contributes.

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