5 reasons to start your business before graduation

It is a good idea to start working on your business or at least business plan while you are still a student for several reasons. If you aren’t that motivated yet, then keep reading!

1. You have plenty of time

You have free summers, Christmas and Easter holidays plus you can sleep more in the morning and stay up late. Growing up and retaining a full-time job may teach you that eight hours of sleep a day is a luxury you can’t afford. Yes, you’re busy with lectures, assignments and exams but you’ll have even less spare time once you graduate.

2. You can do what you love

You can turn your hobby into a business. If you like sewing or making jewelry, you can start selling clothes and accessories online. Begin with your business plan and move towards success. This way you can both earn some money and learn hands-on business skills. Two birds with one stone applies as you can also earn extra money

3. You have tons of free resources

You can take advantage of everything offered to you for free or in a reduced price. You can select elective courses at school and learn skills, you can use any equipment is offered at your school or enjoy student discounts. Furthermore, some universities are promoting business competitions and help getting your venture off the ground. Most of all, remember that if you have questions, you are surrounded by academics and tutors who are willing to help you out by disseminating their knowledge with you.

4. Connections

Your university can be the place to find your partner if you want someone to complement your skills. Or you can just start building a professional network. There are lots of events, seminars and conferences on offer where you can meet people interested in the same things as you.

5. You succeed even if you fail

You don’t have the experience. So what? You are your own boss and nobody will fire you if you make mistakes. That’s why you can (and should!) try things out. You can be flexible and open to ideas from experts and see what is best for your business. You can combine ideas or try an idea and if you see it failing, try a new one. You can only learn! You’re a student after all. You can go back to your business plan and update it hundreds of times!

Hey, what are you still waiting for? Pick the business idea you believe is going to be fruitful and give it a go now! You will learn so much and by graduation you may have a successful business! So much to gain, so little to lose! If you are ambitious, you can also read our short guide on How to start a successfull startup.

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