Global PMI Congress 2016

Find below the whitepaper submitted by Evi Prokopi and Dr Penny Pullan for the Global Project Management Institute Congress 2016

Evi and Penny presented a 3-hour workshop on virtual teams and specifically about ‘Leading and Managing Virtual Teams’.

Α summary of what you will read

A project professional of today lives in an increasingly virtual world, resulting in the need to lead virtual projects. The dynamics of a remote team require project managers to communicate with their teams differently. In this paper, we introduce the current situation and share best practices and practical strategies. These will help a project leader bridge the culture, time and language barriers and help to eliminate the distance across virtual teams, both teams within an organization and those including freelancers and partners from different organizations.

Learn more about running effective virtual meetings, using video, communicating to engage your virtual team, building connections with your team, managing conflict as well as recruiting and developing virtual team members, in the advent of globalization.

Here, at Skema Projects, our global project management and human resource management experience can help you transform your business. We can work with you and plan and execute a virtual transformation strategy tailored to your needs. Now, more than ever, global outreach is easier than ever and just like you, we want to help people around the world. Let us offer you our consulting and coaching services so you can become an inspiring global virtual leader.

For more information, read our post about Virtual Leadership.

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