Life Coaching

Life Coaching or Personal Coaching is a powerful process that will transform you. Life Coaching will help you reach your potential and achieve your professional and personal goals. Your Coach will work with you to identify your projects, goals and transitions along with the challenges that these entail and you will create strategies and action plans together.

If you are ready to lift your life and begin the transformation of your mind, body and soul, you are exactly where you should be! This is the right place for you if you want to become the best version of yourself. Your highest self is waiting for you once you decide to leave your comfort zone, and decide to face your fears. Choose to be your best self and commit to this choice, every day.

Life Coaching will show you the way to achieve success and happiness and make your dreams come true.

Life Coaching will change your life because it will help you understand and believe that you:
- Deserve all that you desire
- Are worth everything you want
- Can do everything you set your mind to

Your values and beliefs are a software running in the back of your mind on autopilot and determining your life. When you gain awareness of this software, you will be able to reprogram it, you will be in control and you will get your power back.

Mastering your mind with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) will support your positive thinking and take away your limiting beliefs.

After using Life Coaching services for six months, you will have identified:
- Your TRUE self and your innate moral system and values
- Your vision of reality and your life purpose
- Your short-term and long-term goals that will help you achieve success and happiness

What do you get?

- Personalized coaching tailored to your needs and goals, including a schedule for your sessions
- 12 x 60-minute video call sessions (2 calls per month*)
- Bi-Weekly homework that include guided meditations, keeping a journal and action steps based on your goals
- Unlimited email support by your Coach so there are frequent check-ins and no questions are left unanswered
- Feedback on all the homework you complete and send to your Coach

* We can increase the number of sessions if you feel you need more time with your Coach.

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