What is Transcreation?

What is Transcreation?

Over the past few decades, the term localization became popular for describing the translation that adapts the content to different cultures. Nowadays translation has evolved into transcreation (translation + creation) which specializes in marketing and advertising copy in order to deliver engaging content adapted to the readers’ cultural and linguistic preferences.In a nutshell, it takes the original message and conveys it in another language, while it maintains its original style, tone, and intent. A successfully transcreated message evokes the same emotions as it does in the source language.

If the marketing material shows, even unintentionally, a lack of respect for the local-target culture, it may have a negative impact on the target market and this is the reason why transcreation is such an important tool for organizations marketing their products/services internationally.

How does it differ from translation?

When working on a translation, the translator replicates the source text into the target language without adding anything. When transcreating, the linguist is more creative and that is why they should not only be native speakers, but they should have a thorough understanding of the target market, thus they should be located in the target audience’s country. This way, they are able to understand current trends, and anything related to the target audience which will ultimately result in the success of your messages.

Translation is fine for information dissemination, but when text is designed to trigger a response from the reader, like sharing it on social media, it may not be the best fit. This is why translation projects start with a source text while transcreation projects start with a creative brief from the client. This brief should be as detailed as possible so the linguist can understand exactly the concept behind the text.

Professionals working in this sector may be translators or copywriters with a strong background in marketing. Most of all, they should be content experts. The transcreator should have a strong grasp of the information that is being localized in order to translate it successfully and create engaging content.

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