Why is copywriting important?

Why is copywriting important?

All business owners wish they could rank highly on search engines results as this promotes their business. If you answer people's questions, search engines reward your pages with top positions. Good copywriting demonstrates that you are an expert in your industry and the quality of your messages shows that you can be trusted. If you offer information but your writing is childish, potential customers may look for someone else.

Copywriting is writing marketing texts that make your customers buy your products! Now! It essentially creates and maintains a professional image. Imagine you want to hire an accountant, and you are searching online for one. You arrive on the landing page of a well-designed website and the headline reads ‘1+1=5. I know good math! Hire me, hire me, please! Hire me now!!’ Would you keep reading or would you close the webpage?

Different channels need a different copywriting approach. You may already know that your Facebook updates are not always the same as your Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn updates.

Social Media
Social media updates are more fun, light-hearted and informal. These updates are there to make your day! They are not about strict white-collar business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This is about figuring out who your readers are, what they want to learn about and giving them the information they need. And this is why you need to use the right keywords! SEO will help your website to rank highly in the search engines and convince your readers to become your customers.

Unlike Social Media, this is the classic business copy. Once you use Search Engine Optimization(SEO), you then want to receive your money back. You want to see traffic, leads and ultimately sales so you will use business language.

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