Work Performance Assessment and economy

Lack of work performance assessment leads to a suffering economy

One of the main reasons for today’s suffering economy is poor to zero work performance assessment. Large companies do not pay close attention to each individual’s work performance and this leads to huge project cost increases, missed deadlines and project failures overall.

Every company should set a budget for work performance assessment if they want a chance to become industry leaders and last over time.

Consider a realistic scenario. It has actually happened to a dear friend of mine. He applies for a job as a full-time IT Manager. He receives a call for an interview. He arrives at the company, gives his name to the reception and shortly after, he is welcomed by a lady in her early-20s. Guess what! She was the one who would interview this mid-30s friend of mine. Do you see the logical error in this case? As my friend later found out, she was an HR assistant. For some reason, her boss thought that a recent graduate was capable of interviewing someone for a senior position.

If her boss’ boss had properly assessed their subordinates’ work performance, nothing like this would have taken place and the right person would have been hired. How do I know that the right person wasn’t hired? Eight months after that interview, they were hiring again for the exact same position and they called my friend.

This isn’t the only example. A Greek digital agency were once looking for a project manager. An acquaintance of mine who is globally recognized as a project manager with experience in digital media applied for the job. She later received an email from a secretary that her application wouldn’t be considered any further. She asked for some feedback as she was the only candidate with global credentials and she received no reply. No wonder Greece is almost bankrupt.

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