We deliver high quality, engaging project management courses that are tailored to improve the competency of your staff. We cover all nine areas of knowledge explored in the PMBOK®, the guide to project management developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

We work directly with companies and our courses offer you a number of advantages to your organization. Your employees will work more effectively and productivity will increase. They will be confident and motivated, ready to achieve your objectives and goals with reduced supervision. Moreover, after all the group work in class, it will be easier for them to be part of a team.

We also offer courses and workshops tailored to your needs. Some of the courses we have taught are about:

New forms of work, candidates’ needs & expectations
Employer branding
Ensuring talents fit our organization’s (and the team’s) values & culture
Future leaders’ preparation – correct performance assessment and its importance
Team Coaching – mentoring
Conflict resolution
Workplace bullying
Self-improvement – Personal development
Behavior reprogramming
Leading projects during changing and uncertain times – how to efficiently manage the team – especially in an agile reality
Virtual PM – how to efficiently manage projects when our teams are distributed/remote
How the modern PM adds value as an influencer and a leader

Our trainers are qualified, LAEK-certified for those attending courses in Greece, and certificates of attendance are provided upon successful completion of our courses.

For more information, visit our Training section and feel free to email us and ask us to train you or / and create a course within the spectrum of our services. Please note that the prices are only for attendees in Athens, Greece and those attending online, and at least 3 people need to attend and prepay in order for the training to take place.

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