Project Management

As the leaders in project management consulting, we can successfully guide, manage, support and lead your teams towards the successful completion of any project, through our objective and professional project management services. We work with our clients to plan and manage both projects and programs from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost-effective manner while not sacrificing quality.

We specialize in four industries–Banking and Financial Services, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, I.T. and Telecommunications, and the Government and Public Sector– but rest assured that we will help you from initiation to the successful completion no matter where your project stands or your industry.

If your project or program has already been initiated, we can:

• Review and recover troubled projects by suggesting and implementing corrections to bring projects back on track. Fast action is the key to preventing a project failure and we can address scope, resource availability, and project control issues to turn around a troubled project quickly.

• Provide you with the best trained people when you have staffing shortages in case of fast tracking, among other cases. Our experts will assist your PMO and also disseminate knowledge to your internal staff.

If you haven’t initiated your project or program yet, see below to find out the ways we can help you:

• Change Management: We ensure projects are completed successfully, and we address the human factors to an easy and flexible adoption through change management best practices. We also cover organizational change management. Culture influences the execution of the organizational strategy and as strategies evolve in response to market conditions, organizational cultures should also be adapted in order to remain competitive.

• Mergers & Acquisitions: We develop a prioritized implementation plan in alignment with your strategic vision for the new company. We provide you with the stability and objective leadership your newly organized company needs.

• Product Development: We manage the critical communication among all the departments and stakeholders involved in product development, from inception through to commercialization. With engaged stakeholders, the new or refined business processes are clearly defined and sustainably applied throughout your organization.

• Project Management Mentors & Coaches: We provide mentoring and coaching services in the area of project management and program management. Our mentors and coaches work with your project teams to ensure successful execution of projects through the required guidance and advice.

• Quality Management: We help you adhere to compliance matters. Speed to market is critical in the competitive landscape, however quality should never be compromised and thus we use quality management best practices to make sure your project meets the specified quality requirements.

• Resource Management & Work Performance Assessment: We help you structure, analyze, and assess your resource management data and practices to use your talent effectively.

• Supply Chain Optimization: We identify constraints and inefficiencies in your supply chain, and provide process recommendations to overcome the identified issues.

• Vendor Management: We manage and work on your behalf with vendors to ensure terms and conditions are met and deadlines are never missed.

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