HR Management

We offer specialized and complete HR and Talent Management Services. From onboarding to performance appraisal and training. Moreover, we can help you set up your HR department and policies if you are a startup or small company about to scale.

Setting up YOUR HR department

Are you the founder of a startup or the owner of a growing company? Do you need HR services but you are not sure if you need an HR Manager yet? We are here to set up your HR policies, processes, and tools. 

How can we make your employees happy?

With incentive plans aligning your organization’s vision and strategic goals with the overall productivity and performance of your staff. We employ tailor-made tools and techniques that combine motivation systems with Neuro-linguistic Programming and Work Performance Assessment in order to increase productivity and profitability. By assigning us your Human Resource (HR) Management, you get customized plans that will result in motivated personnel devoted to achieving your organization’s goals.

Let us create or update your Human Resource (HR) policies, employee benefit programs, compensation and rewards programs and manage your talents. Our Talent Management experts will make sure your staff will adapt easily and effortlessly to any changes, mergers or acquisitions by employing the customized Human Resource (HR) strategies.

Wondering if you need Human Resources and Talent Management services?

Ask yourself the following questions and ponder:

• Do I have the talent to quickly and successfully achieve my organization’s goals?
• Do I have people with the right skills, knowledge and expertise in the right places?
• Which roles add most value in my business? How do I best resource them and how do I reward them?
• Is my people’s ROI acceptable?
• Does my current HR strategy achieve my goals and objectives?

Do you need Work Performance Assessment?

Do you manage people? Do you manage a project or a program? Are you the owner of a small-medium enterprise? Then you need to ensure you have the best people in your team giving their best to their work.

Nowadays, staff is being laid off, organizations are downsized, and companies bankrupt. Thus, nobody wants to waste time, energy, and money. Do you find yourself looking for the best way to save time and money? Do you wish to stop worrying about your organization’s future?

Someone once said, ‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ In the corporate world, this means that someone may be perfectly capable of troubleshooting technical problems behind a computer screen, while someone else may be perfect at promoting and selling products and/or services. If these two people switch positions, it is highly likely that they will not perform as well. So, what you need is to ensure you have the best people for each role and this is not just a matter of credentials or/and experience, but a combination of personality, character, perception, and competences.

Work performance assessment has long been considered to be vital for an organization. However, it is unfortunately sometimes overlooked because managers find it difficult to deal with the assessment results. They look at the assessment results and they do not know what to do with them.

As years go by and we keep seeing projects fail because of their people, it is of paramount importance to find out what has and has not been working so far. Jack Welch, former General Electric C.E.O. once said that it is really cruel to falsely tell a manager that he's doing fine for twenty years and then firing him at 53 when he's got two kids in college. By adopting performance improvement techniques, you will make a great change and optimize your team’s performance.

Work performance management is not just a yearly assessment. Good performance management is an ongoing collaboration between employees and their supervisors. It is about planning ahead and talking about the work goals and objectives. Employees need to have a grasp of their complete job requirements and yearly goals, a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge required to achieve said goals as well as training and development opportunities.

So here we come to clarify expectations, answer questions, and maximize both new and older employees’ potential by employing certified techniques and tools for two-way communication and feedback. Therefore you do not need to worry or stress over matters like these anymore.

Our work performance assessors will meet one-on-one with your employees and make sure they cover aspects such as quality and quantity of work, skills and knowledge, working relationships, and achievements and rewards. Our open communication and objective assessment will leave no room for grievance.

Our work performance assessment strategy incorporates feedback from self-assessment, employee and team skills assessment, workplace assessment, manager effectiveness, and training and personal development opportunities. Work performance assessment will skyrocket your talent management efforts and ensure you have the best person in every role.

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