Are you looking for a trusted and certified training provider? We deliver high quality, engaging and interactive custom-made trainings to improve your Human Resources' soft skills. We have adopted experiential learning techniques so that learners can reflect and realize various situations at work. This way, they understand how they respond to them and discover new paths.

Our courses offer a number of advantages, your employees will work more effectively and productivity will increase. They will be confident and motivated, ready to achieve your objectives and goals with reduced supervision. Moreover, after all the group work in class, it will be easier for them to be part of a team.

Our Method

1) We assess your training needs
2) We design a learning and development plan for your people's needs
3) We develop interactive training material for online and/or in-person training
4) We train your people
5) We assess the agreed KPIs


Leading the Ship - Leadership Course

Develop your current and future leaders through this interactive course in order to have a culture of high-performing teams as well as happy and loyal employees.

Effective Communication

Understand the levels of listening and how you can develop your active listening skills to boost collaboration, emotional intelligence, and team spirit in order to achieve your personal, team and organizational goals quickly.

Time Management

Find out tips and techniques to plan your tasks, conduct effective meetings, and set your priorities correctly. Prevent burnouts and frustration while you achieve more in less time.

Stress Management and Growth Mindset

Stress can be productive but if you overdo it, it will have a negative impact on your professional and personal life. Build your resilience and find healthy ways to cope with everyday stressful situations.

Train the Trainer

Design educational programs that are interactive, foster a learning culture, focus on problem solving and can cater all your trainees' needs.

Presentation Skills

Have you even been so bored during a presentation that you almost fell asleep? We are here to make sure you deliver amazing presentations that your audience will remember for long.

Performance Assessment and Feedback

Every team leader and manager is expected to give feedback to their team. However they were never taught how to do so. This is where we come in play.

Design Thinking and Innovation

Do you want your employees to come up with ideas and suggest optimized processes and solutions? Show them how through this course.

Conflict Management

Conflicts are unavoidable whether in our personal or professional lives. However we can manage them in a productive way and make sure things never go out of control.

Change Management

Changes take place all the time and there are techniques to become more open to them and apply them as quickly and less painfully as possible.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Learn the basic elements of project management, during this intensive course, so you can apply them right away. This course is designed for individuals with little or no knowledge of project management but serve on project management teams or those who are making the transition to project management.

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