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Human Resource Management

What is the difference between Human Resource Management and Talent Management? Human Resource Management creates a centralized system focusing on policies, benefits, payroll, recruitment, training and reward management aiming at maximizing employees' performance. The goal of Human Resource Management is to ensure that the organization achieves its goals through its people. Both Talent Management and…
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What is Talent Management?

What is Talent Management? Talent Management refers to an organization's commitment to hire, manage, and develop and, most of all, retain talented employees who add value to the organizations and help them achieve their goals and objectives. Talent management gives managers a significant role in the recruitment process and the constant development and retention of…
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10 Reasons why employees lose motivation

Employees are very excited and motivated when they first join a company. However, as time goes by, their excitement wears off more and more. Do keep reading if you are interested in knowing the top reasons for this. 1. Signs of Unfairness In some companies, there is no fairness in giving recognition to employees’efforts. If…
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