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Work Performance Assessment and economy

Lack of work performance assessment leads to a suffering economy One of the main reasons for today’s suffering economy is poor to zero work performance assessment. Large companies do not pay close attention to each individual’s work performance and this leads to huge project cost increases, missed deadlines and project failures overall. Every company should…
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Why is work performance assessment vital?

Why is work performance assessment vital? As a business owner or manager, you already know the importance of recruiting the best staff and providing employees with the required tools to do their jobs. To ensure your staff meet or exceed your business needs, you should conduct annual assessments of their productivity and efficiency. Employee performance…
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Our customers' testimonials are of great importance and pride to us. Our services have been used by both Fortune 100 and startup companies and we have also helped the public domain by providing services of high quality. You can find some testimonials below. Cosmote Technical Services Great experience during the trainings, practical tips, knowledgeable trainer…
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